From suits to boots

After leaving the corporate world of health care we traded our suits for boots as we followed our love of nature and a passion for caring for animals to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our life on the farm is filled with new experiences that make us laugh, cry and most of all learn. Farming is not for the faint of heart and requires one to be present at all times and to use skills and knowledge to troubleshoot issues on a daily basis.  Over time we have installed watering systems, built miles of perimeter fence, dug ponds for sustainability during the dry months and developed a rotational grazing plan that assures our animals have access to fresh grass, shade and water across the farm.  We’ve added cattle, pigs and sheep that work hard as our emission free grass mowers and chemical free fertilizers to rejuvenate our soil and improve our land. And now we are ready for the next steps to create a truly sustainable farm, selling our livestock and farm products to those seeking to start their own flock of St. Croix Sheep, Scottish Highland cows or to purchase the cleanest farm products possible, free from exposure to pesticides or herbicides.  Thank you for considering purchasing from High Meadow Farm.

Our Belief.

Authors have written volumes on the importance of healthy eating, clean air and water as the basics for a healthier life.  We propose good health starts with good clean soil, free from pesticides and herbicides.  At High Meadow Farm, we believe in the principles of regenerative, sustainable farming, working in harmony with nature to build healthy soil to produce healthy animals and ultimately give people healthier choices of food for themselves and their families.

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