Cotswold Raw Wool For Sale

High Meadow Farm is pleased to announce that we are now selling Cotswold raw wool straight from the farm!  If you’re a fan of all-natural and sustainable materials, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Cotswold wool is renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility, making it ideal for crafting, knitting, and spinning projects.  By purchasing Cotswold raw wool directly from our farm, you not only support local businesses but also get to enjoy the unbeatable softness and warmth that this unique wool offers. 

Whether you’re an avid crafter or simply appreciate the beauty of natural fibers, Cotswold raw wool will surely inspire your creativity.

Cotswold wool makes excellent warp yarn for weaving, felts quickly and thoroughly for those wishing to make felt goods, and the curly locks are often sold as Santa Claus beards and doll wigging material. Cotswold wool takes dye exceedingly well with no loss of luster. The long staple length is also beneficial to beginner spinners and is very suitable for combing, giving the fiber artist options for spinning preparation that shorter wools don’t offer.

Cotswold wool has many valuable characteristics unique to the breed. Cotswold wool is considered coarse wool, usually between 32 and 40 microns, and has the greatest range of grades (38 to 48) found in the long wool breeds Cotswold fleece hangs in locks, and the fibers have a lustrous, silky sheen and the slightly golden colored wool is exceedingly strong.

Raw Skirted Wool Fleece

Color: White or Charcoal
Amount: 1 fleece
Breed: Cotswold
Staple length: Approx. 7.5 inches
Vegetable Matter: Raw, low volume – Skirted

$60.00 plus shipping per fleece.  
Fleeces are usually shipped USPS
(Cotswold fleeces usually range from four to seven pounds after skirting.)

Cotswold Wool Fleece Order form

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To reserve your Cotswold Wool fleece(s) please submit Order Form and send check, payable to High Meadow Farm, to:

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