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 St. Croix Hair Sheep For Sale

High Meadow Farm is thrilled to announce that we have a limited number of registered St. Croix hair sheep available for 2024 reserve right here in Virginia. 

St. Croix sheep are known for their  low maintenance, parasite resistance, and excellent meat quality and high fertility rates, making them a valuable investment to any livestock operation.  They are fantastic foragers and are well adapted to Virginias climate, making them an ideal choice for sustainable grazing practices.

So why wait?  Take this opportunity to enhance your livestock operation and invest in then future of your farm with our exceptional St. Croix hair sheep. We look forward to helping you get started on this exciting journey!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to bring these incredible sheep to your farm!  Please contact us for more information and to reserve your flock today! Limited availability only, so act fast!

High Meadow Farm is a member of the St. Croix Sheep International Association and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the association. 

At High Meadow Farm our low input St. Croix sheep live and lamb according to the rhythms of nature on lush green mountain meadows.  Lambs are born in May just as the nutrients in the pasture peaks.  These lambs are naturally weaned and are available to be picked up at our farm the second weekend in August. 

St. Croix ewes, rams and wither lambs for 2024 can be reserved now.    Please see our Livestock for Sale page to reserve your St. Croix lambs.

Why Choose St. Croix Hair Sheep?

Ten Reasons to select St. Croix Hair Sheep as a breed of choice:

  1. Highest Parasite Resistance– Several university and agricultural researchers have done comparison studies through fecal parasite egg counts and found that St. Croix Sheep seem to have the ability to resist parasite life cycles. GI tract parasites are one of the most common constraints in sheep production worldwide.
  2. No Shearing– In this day and age it is often hard to find wool shearers. St. Croix grow undercoats during the winter months in most areas of the United States and naturally shed them by summer with no need to shear.
  3. High Lambing Percentages– Research statistics gathered by several universities indicate that St. Croix Hair Sheep produce an average of 2.1 births per lambing episode.
  4. Good Mothers– Ewes are extremely attentive to their lambs.
  5. Early Puberty– Ram lambs reach puberty soon after 3 months of age and must be separated from their mothers soon after 60 days of age to prevent potential impregnation of the mother ewe. Ewe lambs develop first estrus cycle in 7-8 months.
  6. Good Flocking Instincts– St. Croix are lively, but not wild, and exhibit very strong flocking character which has made them extremely popular for training working dogs and use in sheep dog trials.
  7. Non-Selective Grazers– St. Croix graze and browse. They utilize coarse fodder more efficiently than other sheep. St. Croix prefer weeds and have been used in weed control agricultural programs.
  8. Good TemperamentBecause of the docile temperament of rams and ewes, they are easy to handle and manage. This is one reason that the St. Croix breed has become popular for the small farm breeder.
  9. Heat and Cold toloerant — St. Croix can be found in most all of the United States. They seem to do well in dry hot desertterrain, in colder climates like Cnada and Northern US states, in humid areas of the southern states and Hawaii, andwet climes in the Pacific Northwest
  10. Fine Graine low-fat meat – St. Croix Sheep do not deposit fat within the muscles. Therefore, they produce a lean mild flavor meat.    

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