Scottish Highland Cattle For Sale

Have you ever considered adding some majestic Scottish Highland Cattle to your farm or ranch here in Virginia?  Well, your in luck because I have a bunch of these beautiful creatures looking for a new home!

Scottish Highland cattle are not only breathtaking to look at with their long horns and shaggy coats, but they also have a gentle and docile nature, making them perfect for both experienced farmers and those new to the livestock game. 

Whether your interested in starting your own highland cattle breeding program or simply want to enjoy their stunning beauty grazing in your fields, these amazing creatures will add charm to your property. 

So, if your ready to take your farming or ranching journey to the next level, don’t miss out on this opportunity! You can find more information about the Highland Cattle I am selling and schedule a visit to meet them up close and personal by giving me a shout. 

Let’s spread the word!  Share this website with your friends and anyone who might be interested to help connect these lovely Scottish Highland Cattle with their forever homes!

Looking forward to hearing from you and finding these beautiful Highland Cattle their perfect homes. 

The Scottish Highland breed has lived for centuries in the ruggedly remote Scottish Highlands making them an excellent breed to adapt to life in the Shenandoah Valleys steep rolling pastures and rugged wooded areas.

Our herd of registered and non-registered Scottish Highland Cattle have been together for many years. They are a docile group but kick up their heels with excitement when moving to new pastures.  We spend time socializing with our herd and they are very welcoming to visitors. High Meadow Farm is a member of the American Scottish Highland Association and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the association.

To purchase a Scottish Highland calf from High Meadow Farm.

There are new additions to our Scottish Highland Cattle herd throughout the year. Our website will be updated as our calves are born. Our prices are individualized based on calf temperament, confirmation to Scottish Highland Cattle recommendations and general disposition including ease of handling.  Scottish Highland heifers, steers and young bulls are available throughout the year.   

Our young heifers and steers are available for reserve for new homes and can leave our farm around eight months of age. Bulls can be grown upon request. They too will be available for pick-up around eight months of age.  Please see our Highland Cattle for Sale page to reserve your Scottish Highland calves.

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